Women's Equality Party founder speaks in Brighton

The co-founder of the Women's Equality Party (WEP) spoke to a group of around 40 people at Waterstones Brighton on Thursday night (March 23), to promote her new book 'Attack of the Fifty Foot Women'. Catherine Mayer, who set up the party with Sandi Toksvig in 2015, discussed the important role WEP has played in influencing other parties' policies in promoting equality in the workplace, education, transport and other areas. After winning more than 350,000 votes at its first election, the party'

Films and TV Shows to Watch Before Visiting Cambridge, England

Culture Trip has put together a list of the top films and TV shows you need to watch before you visit Cambridge. The Theory of Everything This poignant movie tells the story of Cambridge local Stephen Hawking, one of the finest scientific minds in the UK today. Starring the impossibly charming Eddie Redmayne, the film explores Hawking’s life as he learns he has the debilitating condition amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, his determination to continue his research and how this experience comes to

11 Reasons You Should Visit Cambridge over Oxford in England

Sure, Oxford has some pretty big claims to fame. But Cambridge is a little smaller, and subsequently more chilled. It’s the comparatively quieter city of the two, with the majority of tourists picking Oxford for their trip, so while there’s plenty going on, your stay will be generally more laid back. Being more petite makes Cambridge much easier to explore on foot, and you’ll get a better feel for the place even on a tight time schedule. There’s more to see when you’re punting Oxford’s river w

A Hiker's Guide to England's Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a beautiful island perched just off the south coast of England. With 150 square miles to explore, much of which is an officially designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it’s popular with hikers due to its remarkably diverse landscapes (it’s not known as ‘England in Miniature’ for nothing.) You can do it! In the grand scheme of things (that is, globally) the Isle of Wight is at the gentler end of the hiking scale. Its wide variety of terrains do mean it has a range of

The Best Bed and Breakfasts in New Forest, England

This vibrant region has countless lovely places to stay. Here is our pick of the best bed and breakfasts in New Forest. Spend a few nights at this fabulous wisteria-draped Edwardian cottage, which you’ll find in the picturesque village of Burley. The space has six bedrooms, each uniquely decorated, and a pleasant outdoor terrace for breakfasting as the sun shines. With luxurious comfy beds, crisp white linen and fragrant bathroom products to treat yourself in the en suite, Wayside Cottage effor

Charity Shop Chic: Can you thrift 2017's trends in Brighton?

The year’s first edition of your earnest subscription to Elle magazine flops onto the doormat. A few pages in, the fashion editor announces - in caps lock - the ‘season-defining pieces’ you’ll need to be draped in if your 2017 is to be any good at all. Don't be silly. You’re too embarrassed even to Google your proximity to a Fendi store, let alone ever enter one. Some Dior boots are actually pictured with the caption: ‘Price on application’. This is going to be tough. But it's OK. Though t


Here at Zava , we’ve carried out a survey across the UK and US, asking participants to discuss aspects of their sex life, contraceptive choices, gender roles within couples, and the availability and price of birth control in their country. To avoid a binary US/EU analysis, we also conducted in-depth research on varying approaches to contraception in 11 different countries, spread across six continents. We found the results thought-provoking and sometimes surprising. When asked about the idea of

10 Books to Read Before Visiting Cambridge, England

How to be Both by Ali Smith Told from two perspectives; that of an Italian Renaissance painter and that of a 16-year-old girl named George who becomes obsessed with his artwork. George is going through counselling to deal with the loss of her mother and trying her best to cope with her alcoholic father. Two versions of the novel were published, one which begins with George’s perspective and one which begins with the painter, Francesco’s side. An interesting exploration of the way a story’s arra

Saggily ever after: 4 reasons to love Chidera Eggerue

The cover design includes pink and orange side by side so we were off to a good start. The book (divided into three sections: You, Them and Us) is sprinkled with proverbs in bold graphic type, and the Londoner's own illustrations. She's wise, wry and seems to have mastered the tricky art of being an intellectual-next door. Here are some important things to love about Chidera Eggerue: 1) She lives the Independent Woman dream (and believes you can too) What a Time to Be Alone is a bestseller f

6 things to drink when you're not drinking

There are lots of good reasons to cut back on booze. Maybe you're pregnant ..or just really poor. Perhaps alcohol makes you cry, kiss the wrong person, vomit half a cheeseboard into a plastic bag or try to climb up tall, non-consenting strangers. Maybe you've realised you're the 'Fun Bobby' of your social circle: making all your coffees Irish, 'cheers'-ing at the zoo and nursing an impressive beer-baby where your abs could have been. Or maybe you've seen that (chilling) new Australian TV ad

Yo no pillo :/ 16 things to read, watch and do to improve your Spanish

Everyone's always telling you using a language is the only way to learn it. And you're going to. Definitely. When you get a second. Actually doing any of the hobbies you carefully hand-wrote in glitter pen on January 1st is a bloody nightmare when you have an actual job, a minimum of two friends or a whole new series of Real Housewives coyly beckoning. But a perk of language learning is the fact you can sneak it secretly into an otherwise hectic/Netflix rich lifestyle. It takes a while to bu

10 Reasons You're Not Too Good For Strictly Come Dancing

You may have heard whispers of an experimental little documentary following the lives of 13 relative-unknowns as they venture into the peculiar and deeply secretive world of ballroom dance. Though the grainy and often harrowing footage has attracted a minor cult following thanks to its avant-garde conceptuality, the unorthodox series has been widely criticised by sceptics who recoil at the 'immoral' choreography, 'illegal' lifts and 'sinful misuse' of sequins. ONLY JOKING! EVERYONE KNOWS IT'S

Cold Snap: 6 women to warm up your winter wardrobe

December is upon us. That means the sunset-orange glory of Autum is over for another year. Trees which once resembled Beyonce in mustard yellow Roberto Cavalli now look more like the child-catcher in his ragged black tailcoat. Gone are the outfits where your scarf's function was 93% aesthetic; layers are now essential. You probably fall into one of two groups of cold-weather dressers: those who genuinely celebrate the arrival of winter by bulk-buying 70 denier tights and devouring an entire ad

Frill Seeker: 7 things to love about Molly Goddard

Frills are the fun-est thing ever to wear. They inspire visions of Kirsten Dunst rubbing cake into her face as a powdery-wigged Marie Antoinette. Or the worryingly flammable Disney Princess gown your little brother liked to twirl in at birthday parties, accompanied by bemused eyebrows from Uncle Simon. All in all, frills are extravagant, camp, 'girlie' and fabulous. But Molly Goddard is bringing them a tough new look. The 29-year-old fashion designer isn't quite a household name yet, though it

Eat me, drink me: A Halloween menu inspired by creeps in love

Wait, what's that? You haven't been getting excited for Halloween since the middle of August? Oh you have, OK good. Phew. Everyone knows All Hallow's Eve is officially the most romantic night of the year (apart from Harvest Festival). And everyone also knows it's foolish to welcome the undead on an empty stomach (unless you have contacts willing to mop up your vomit with leftover Andrex from the mummification contest..) Here is a list of Halloween snacks inspired by creepy couples real and

Review: Swing Time by Zadie Smith

"The phone on the kitchen wall rang and rang, but I was warned not to answer it, and to keep my own phone switched off." Swing Time begins with its unnamed narrator hiding out in a temporary rental flat in northwest London after losing her job and her privacy. After 3 days she steps back out into crisp autumnal London and chances on a film event at the Royal Festival Hall. The darkness of the venue had been meant as a distraction from her humiliation, but she suddenly sits up when the direct

Brief Interviews with Fabulous Women: #2 Rope Bondage Model Sophia Mindus

I decided to interview the very lovely Sophia Mindus because I generally spend about 90% of my working day gazing at her Instagram when I should be re-writing press releases about Floella Benjamin opening a village fête. (That actually happened.) Her feed is a glorious eye-gasm in celebration of the female form (Not Floella Benjamin's.. I mean it might be but I haven't looked.) The majority of Sophia's posts which you can admire here are of her tied up and sometimes suspended, because she prac

Failed Vegans Anonymous: Why Can't I Stick to a Plant-based Diet?

Veganism is definitely the future isn't it? First I watched Cowspiracy, because Leonardo DiCaprio told me to. I realised cutting out animal products could do way more for the planet than refusing to have a single driving lesson or remembering to take out the recycling that time. Then I saw Carnage because I've forgiven Simon Amstell for direspecting my favourite Sugababe in 2005. Why did it take this long to notice how creepy it is making animals pregnant again and again just for some Dair
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